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3 Facts About Irish Pubs

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Irish Pubs have a long history and unique requirements that these public houses abided by. Today, Pubs worldwide have adapted to today’s culture but continue to promote the ideology of come one, come all to unite the community. Check out these three facts about Irish Pubs and where you can find an authentic Irish pub in Boston this season!

Family Names Displayed on Pub Doors

In 1872, the legislation in Ireland made it a legal requirement to display the proprietor’s name over the front door of the premise. This is now a unique feature of most Irish pubs, as the public house often operated under a long-obsolete family name. After the change in legislation, Irish pubs took on an inventive array of names, losing the family name and title.

Ancient Irish Law Decreed 24-hour Opening

An early Irish law, the Brehon Law, required local pub owners to welcome guests at all hours, day and night. This law was most commonly enforced when the King traveled through the villages. This law ensured that the King would be served regardless of the hour. In addition to operating 24 hours a day, there were strict rules on provisions, such as stocking three uncocked red types of meat, butchered ready to cook, three stews cooked and heated, and three live animals on site for other meat. These were just a few of the strict rules pub owners in Ireland had to follow.

Established for the Working Class

A less well-known fact about Irish Pubs is that the abbreviation “pubs” stands for public. The public houses of Ireland were a come one, come-all establishment specifically targeting the blue-collar working class. This allowed the working class to unwind, socialize, and come together as a community. As for the upper classes in Ireland, they typically belonged to private, members-only clubs.

Visit Authentic Irish Pubs in Boston

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