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Why Whiskey On The Rocks Taste Better in Fenway!

Bottles of Whiskey on the wall

Many factors change how your whiskey tastes, including glassware, temperature, and the environment. You may have recognized this when you drink whiskey in a restaurant versus at home; even if it is the same brand, these outlying factors vary the taste each time. Today, we’ll go over how to keep your whiskey as consistent as possible each time you enjoy it. Follow along to learn more and how whiskey on the rocks may be the solution you are looking for!

What is Whiskey?

First, let us start with whiskey and how it has gained its distinctive taste. Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash and typically aged in wooden casks made from oak. Oak is often utilized due to its unique physical and chemical nature. Barrels are commonly used to remove the harsh flavors from raw alcohol and add the distinct flavor characteristics found in the wood used. As for whiskey's distinct taste, that is all due to a molecule called guaiacol, releasing the flavor and aroma that floats at the top of your glass. So, what are some things we can do to keep those flavors and aromas consistent? 


Ever get your whiskey served in a funky glass? These special glasses often help bring the smell and flavor to your nose while it delivers the whiskey to your mouth. Glassware does not always make a drastic difference to the flavor of your whiskey; instead, the glassware influences the smells and tastes you perceive.

On The Rocks

Choose to drink your whiskey on the rocks as opposed to ordering whiskey neat. Whiskey over ice can create a significant difference in your experience. As mentioned previously, the molecule guaiacol found in whiskey reacts better in the right amount of water or ice. High-proof whiskeys benefit more from adding ice as the alcohol no longer overpowers your taste receptors. Open up the flavor of your whiskey by ordering it on the rocks!


Whiskey can be tricky to store in your home. You should store whiskey away from heat sources such as an oven or stove to prevent evaporation. These fluxions can affect your whiskey and make it taste milder. The best way to store your whiskey is at room temperature or chilled. 

Order a Whisky On The Rocks This Season

Nothing warms you up quicker than liquor. Visit The Lansdowne in Fenway and view our extensive whiskey menu. The Lansdowne offers over 50 options of whiskey, including Irish and Scotch spirits. Join us for lunch, dinner, and our late-night options seven days a week. For more information about The Lansdowne or to make a reservation, please call (617) 247-1222. We look forward to serving you our finest whiskey selection!