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Thursday is College Night at Lansdowne Pub

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Are you looking to start your weekend off early in Fenway? The Lansdowne is located in the lively Fenway neighborhood; this Irish pub and music venue attracts college students, Sox fans, and concert-goers alike. Aside from its lengthy list of Irish and Scotch whiskeys, this spot stands out thanks to its steady stream of open mic nights and live cover band performances. At Lansdowne Pub in Fenway, we invite all college students to a special College Night every Thursday from 9 pm-2 am. College students can enjoy a free cover, a night full of live music by local bands, and a chance to mingle with their peers.

What is College Night

College Nights are a special event that takes place typically at your local college bar on a specific night of the week. These events are geared towards college students and often feature live music, special discounts, and free entry with proof of enrollment at the local Boston colleges. It's an excellent way for students to unwind, socialize, and have a good time while taking a break from their academic studies.

Fenway College Nights

With over 64 colleges and universities in the Boston metropolitan area, The Lansdowne Pub in Fenway is the perfect place for college students to gather with their classmates on Thursday Nights and mingle with students from neighboring universities. These special College Nights at The Lansdowne feature live music performances by local cover bands, free entry, and a guaranteed fun time from 9 pm to 2 am every Thursday.

Lansdowne Happenings

Luckily, Thursday nights at the Lansdowne in Fenway aren't the only exciting happening you can look forward to each week! Join us on Lansdowne Street for our weekly happenings, such as Neighborhood Night Mondays, Grounded Loops Tuesdays, Acoustic Night Wednesdays, College Night Thursdays, and Live DJs and Bands every Friday and Saturday Night. When you choose to visit the Lansdowne, you can count on a lively crowd, outstanding food and cocktails, and an opportunity to make long-lasting memories.

Visit The Lansdowne for Live Music & Weekly Events

If you're looking for a fun night out in Fenway, The Lansdowne Pub is the perfect spot to check out. With its lively atmosphere, live music performances, and weekly events, there's always something exciting happening at this Irish pub. Whether you're a college student looking for a great time on Thursdays or just looking to unwind after work, The Lansdowne has you covered. So why not gather your friends and head over to Lansdowne Street to experience all that this iconic venue has to offer? For more information or to reserve a table, call our team at 617.247.1222!