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Celebrate National Irish Coffee Day at the Lansdowne Pub!

irish coffee at the lansdowne pub

Did you know that National Irish Coffee Day is celebrated on January 25th? To show appreciation for our heritage, join us at the Lansdowne Pub in Boston, MA. Whether you’re interested in learning more about Irish Coffee or where and when it’s best served, continue reading this blog post for all the details!

What's the Buzz About Irish Coffee?

The first Irish coffee dates back to Limerick, Ireland, in the 1940s. The creation of this iconic beverage has quite the story! Joe Sheridan stumbled upon the first Irish coffee in an attempt to warm up a group of Americans. After traveling on a boat in poor weather conditions, Sheridan added Irish whiskey to each of their coffees and topped them with cream. This drink ignited the warmth inside these passengers and is now a symbol of hospitality associated with Irish culture.

How to Create the Perfect Irish Coffee

Want to learn how to make the perfect Irish Coffee? Be sure to follow these steps below! To create the perfect Irish Coffee, warm the glass your beverage will be served in, as this drink is best served hot. Then, brew a fresh, strong black coffee. A dark roast is typically the best! Add a generous splash of authentic Irish whiskey and a dollop of whipped cream. This meticulous combination creates the perfect Irish Coffee.

When is Irish Coffee Best Served?

Although we think Irish Coffee is best served all the time, our experts have compiled a list of occasions we feel are the best!

Cold Winter Days:

Whether you're curled up in a blanket, enjoying your Après Ski, or looking to ward off the chill, Irish Coffee provides a warmth you can’t get from sitting around the fire! Enjoy this spiked beverage on a cold winter day.

Celebratory Events:

Irish Coffee’s rich and indulgent flavors make it a festive choice for occasions like New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, and other special celebrations! Enjoy the buzz this beverage brings with the company of your friends and family!

After-Dinner Treat:

Combining coffee, whiskey, and cream makes this beverage the perfect after-dinner treat. Make Irish Coffee your nightcap the next time you order from the dessert menu.

National Irish Coffee Day:

Of course, National Irish Coffee Day on January 25th is a dedicated occasion to savor this beverage. Visit an Irish pub and enjoy the warmth of this spiked beverage.

Enjoy the Best Irish Coffee at the Lansdowne Pub

If you’ve asked where to find the best Irish coffee in Boston, your search ends here! The Lansdowne Pub in Fenway is your go-to destination for an authentic Irish coffee celebration. With a fine selection of Irish whiskeys, the Lansdowne Pub can curate an Irish Coffee to fit your needs.

Join Us on January 25th for the Celebration!

The Lansdowne Pub offers live music, various whiskeys, other liquors, and the perfect ambiance to celebrate National Irish Coffee Day. Mark your calendars for January 25th, and join us in the heart of Fenway for this celebration! For more information about Irish Coffee or what to expect on January 25th, please call us at (617) 247-1222 or fill out a contact form on our website.